Vanguard Centre Group

Who are we?

The organisation was born out of the ambition of the church to save the fabric of the church and to put the building at the centre of community life in Caerphilly.

A “Management Committee” was formed in 2003 and the Centre was granted Charitable Status in 2005 (Charity Registration Number 1109193).

The Committee is made up of church and community members and it operates in a symbiotic relationship with the church and its eldership.

The early years were involved mainly with educational classes funded by the local authority, an amateur theatrical company (CWMPAS THEATRE) and art classes formed by members of our organisation.

In recent years the Centre has become more involved with the performing arts by amateur and professional artists.

The lunchtime concerts offer older residents the chance to enjoy quality entertainment at a venue close to home and at a time which better suits their lifestyle.

The evening performances reach a wider audience.

The concerts are often used as fundraising opportunities either for the VAN-guard Centre itself, charities, or for the performers.

In the last six years the building has undergone extensive restoration the tune of £1,200,00.00  (One Million Two Hundred Thousand Pounds)

Our Mission

  • To enhance and enrich the wellbeing of our local community and the wider borough of Caerphilly.

  • Our aim is to achieve this without discrimination of Sex, Political, Religious or other opinions, working with the local authority and voluntary organisations in a common effort through education, recreation and leisure.

  • This is achieved by providing space and facilities for community groups and individuals to promote their own activities.

  • The centre promotes and organises the performing art, choirs and soloists, for the enjoyment of the community, at a cost the groups can afford.

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