Here at Caerphilly School of Samba we’ve been exploring Samba at the Van Guard Centre since 2004. Learning about the many different rhythms & grooves involved in the make up of the Samba sound. We’re an adult group (16 years & upwards) meeting at the Van Guard centre 6:30-8:30pm on Wednesdays currently biweekly & we focus mainly on Rio based Samba, Maracatu & Samba Reggae.

You’ll get to choose an instrument to start playing with the group straight away & you’ll have the option to switch instruments when you like & over time you can try as many of the different instruments as you wish. All instruments are provided & no previous experience necessary.

In a group environment you’ll be developing your ears as much as your hands (& your feet too, we often play parades). You’ll also get to stretch your memory because these rhythms are learnt, absorbed & developed through listening. There’s no written music here. We spend time each week developing our sense & awareness of time & groove alongside the development of instrumental skills. Learning to play as part of a section & in the larger ensemble (the batería) should make for swift integration with the group & hopefully boost both confidence & enjoyment levels.